You'll Get Used To It
You'll Get Used To It by Oliver Braid
With Hugh Dichmont, Tom Godfrey, Neil McGuire, Mathew Parkin, Richard Taylor. PLUS commemorative T-shirt design by Dave Bain. (In collaboration with Collective Gallery's online shop)

For his contribution to Tramway's Emerging Practice Symposium Oliver Braid will unveil a new project instigated by the artist and developed co-operatively with Hugh Dichmont, Tom Godfrey, Neil McGuire, Mathew Parkin and Richard Taylor. The event will also be commemorated with a special T-shirt designed by Dave Bain, soon to be available en masse from Collective Gallery's online shop.

Specially conceived with the Emerging Practice Symposium in mind, this new performance addresses philosophies of acceptance and rationalisation in the face of career frustrations, unexpected aesthetic encounters and male pattern balding.

Presenting the project live at Tramway on Sunday 19th February 2012, both Oliver and audience will be viewing the outcome of the project together for the very first time. Whatever happens, over time YOU'LL GET USED TO IT!!

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