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1. The thin lines that make up the textured patterns on this website are ‘hairline’ weight. We realise that this is an awful ‘concept’ or ‘joke’, apologise profoundly, and politely ask to draw your attention to the beguilling pattern they make when moving across one another.

2. The large typeface used on this website is Helvetica (Condensed), designed in the 1950’s by legendary bald typographer Max Meidinger. (see fig A.) Miedinger is said to have based the ‘bowl’ of the lowercase ‘a’ on the curve of his own exposed cranium.*

(fig A.)

3. Intrigued by the collaborative promise of Web 2.0, but unable or unwilling to create? Spend all your time on the download when you really want to be on the up? Your problems are solved with our zero-content uploader. Simulates the exhilaration of uploading without any of the hard-work!
* Bullshit.